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AvMap do Brasil

web site:

AvMap applies its know-how
in three areas:

  • Terrestrial Navigation
  • Aeronautical Navigation
  • Business Solutions

GPS as core business since 1994
In 14 years of activity, AvMap has followed the development of the GPS sector and has influenced its trends. Established in Italy in 1994 within the C-MAP Group, the world leader in electronic chart technology, AvMap made its debut in the professional aeronautical market with the EKP (electronic kneepad), one of the most successful flight navigation systems sold worldwide.
Soon after, AvMap transfers its electronic cartography expertise from the aeronautical to the terrestrial sector, becoming a pioneer in satellite navigation solutions and fleet tracking.
The Geosat series (the terrestrial GPS product line) keeps evolving since1998, introducing innovative features and meeting new consumer needs.

International Headquarters:

AvMap S.r.l.
Viale Zaccagna, 6 – 54033 Carrara (MS)
LAT 44° 02′ 05″ N
LON 10° 03′ 05” E

AvMap in the world:
AvMap do Brasil Ltda.
Rua Professor Getúlio Nogueira de Sá, 51
CEP: 13208-180 Jundiaí São Paulo – SP
LAT 23°11’37” S
LON 046°53’29” W

AvMap L.l.c.
Office 22, -7A, 14 Line, 199034,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
LAT 59°56’07″
LON 30°16’28″ E

AvMap L.l.c.
23-A Obolonskiy avenue,
Kyiv 04205, Ukraine

AvMap Ibérica S.L.U.
Avenida Puente Cultural, 10B
4° planta, oficina 8- 28700 San Sebastian de los Reyes – Madrid
LAT 40°34’24″ N
LON 3°36’32″ W

133 Falmouth Road -Mashpee- MA 02649
LAT 41°63’25” N
LON 70°46’46” E